Tuesday 3rd of September 2013
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Code of Ethics

Urban Nexus strongly enforces its 'code of ethics' to ensure that the reputation of the company and that of the Associates is protected.

The Associates of Urban Nexus shall:

1.  Conduct themselves in a manner which will merit the respect of the community, voluntary, public and private organisations

2.  Uphold the reputation of the company and fellow Associates

3.  Carry out their duties with integrity and in a responsible and professional manner

4.  Not provide advice and guidance outside their accepted areas of expertise but shall signpost or delegate to such appropriate specialists

5.  Collect and present facts without bias and will not allow personal views to influence interpretation, judgement, analysis and presentation

6.  Pay attention to the data protection act and not discuss with or disclose to any person not authorised by the client or their delegated representative any data, information, reports, results or proposals arising out of any assignment, not cause or allow confidential information to be misused or to be published in any way without the permission of the client

7.  Not use information acquired during any current or previous assignments, which in any way could be detrimental to the client

8.  Not receive any undisclosed material benefits other than normal emoluments from any recommendations made in the course of their duty

We would be happy to discuss the exact requirements of your project with you. Please contact our office in the first instance and you will be directed to the person who is best able to assist. To find out more about our core services click here.

Urban Nexus
274 Watford Road, Chiswell Green, St Alban's, Hertfordshire, AL2 3DN Tel: 07775 818919 E-mail: info@urbannexus.co.uk Website: www.urbannexus.co.uk

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