Tuesday 3rd of September 2013
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Personal Leadership

Effective people have a strategic ability to know what needs doing, understand the people and organisational processes that will get things done and follow ethical and social justice principles to achieve their objectives. Knowing oneself and others, forms a critical part of this process as well as the ability to reach out and connect with relevant stakeholders. Having good leadership and ‘leader-full’ organisations are critical to the success of individuals, institutions and communities and this programme is designed to help participants gain the insights required to grow personally and also develop core leadership understanding and skills to successfully navigate today’s complex world. 


The educational principles underpinning the programme use interactive learning models and require participants to fully engage in the process of learning. The programme will enable participants to explore their assumptions, beliefs and attitudes about themselves, the organisations in which they work, the environments in which they operate and the wider British society – in order to enable them to ‘do differently’ where necessary and possible in their everyday lives.  Learning Outcomes 

The key learning outcomes

  • To develop and enhance participants’ core leadership capacity       
  • To provide an environment for participants to explore their assumptions, ideas and deepen their values and ethical framework.
  • To deepen participants’ self-awareness, self development, reflective practice and emotional intelligence
  • To increase participants’ political intelligence – their abilities to understand others, their operational environments and to work effectively with complex systems
  • To develop participants’ understanding of the diversity and dynamics of the British community
  • To increase participants’ interpersonal, political and strategic skills
  • To prepare participants to translate higher level vision and policies into locally sensitive change agenda


  • The programme content will be geared to developing:·        
  • Self-aware mature individuals with insight who can recognise and maximise personal impact
  • Strategic thinkers who understand the use of power and politics, see opportunities, are creative and able to maximise possibilities
  • Systems-orientated thinkers who appreciate the importance of relationships and connections and are able to form networks and work across boundaries
  • Reflective practitioners who are able to learn from all situations and circumstances.
  • Courageous risk-takers who are strongly committed to a faith based ethical framework.

The Programme 

The programme is split into 4 separate two day modules.

The full 8 days are designed to link to each other in order that the full development journey is integrated and themed. However, if time is limited, the modular approach allows the programme to be tailored to meet individual requirements.  

2 day Foundation Module: Understanding Self- The foundation module is a pre-requisite for all other modules however forms a complete personal development programme in itself. Participants will be challenged to go on a journey of self discovery and reflection. Assumptions will be surfaced and challenged, personality types ascertained and participants will leave having developed an awareness and understanding of the Emotional Intelligence required to navigate leadership and personal journeys in today’s society.    

4 day Leadership Programme: Foundation Module plus Leadership- An interactive day exploring contemporary and traditional leadership theories, styles and behaviours. Participants will get an understanding of how leadership theory has changed and evolved over the years. Leadership requirements for the 21st century are uncovered and participants are encouraged to reflect on their own areas of development. Four archetypal styles are then tried through interactive exercises and metaphor.Vision and strategy: Leaders need to be able to develop, articulate and deliver visions for their followers. The module takes participants through an interactive and effective process for developing this essential leadership skill. 

6 day Advanced Effectiveness and Leading others: 4 day Leadership Programme plus Power and Political Intelligence- Participants will understand their personal power bases and how to map power in systems. Political Intelligence is experienced through role play and an understanding of the importance of ethical small ‘P’ political skill for leaders in all interactions.   Diversity and Prejudice: Exploring how prejudice and ideologies develop, participants will develop an appreciation of the value of diversity in the 21st century.Adult learning and learning styles: An understanding of how adults learn enables participants to plan their own learning journeys to greater effect as well as ensuring they are knowledgeable in the range of styles that the people around them may prefer. Conflict / Negotiation and Decision Making: Discovering their own conflict modes, participants will gain an understanding of how to resolve and manage conflict appropriate to their personal skills and the situations they find themselves in. Negotiation strategies are taught and case studies including the Cuban Missile Crisis are studied in order to bring approaches to Decision Making to life.  

8 day Complete Leadership Development Programme: Bringing it all together: 6 day Advanced Effectiveness, Dealing with others plus Governance and meetings- Participants will understand the roles of non-executive directors, trustees and governors. They will then go on to develop chairing skills for effective meetings. Creative Problem Solving: Participants will explore different tools for innovative problem solving as well as get an understanding of working in whole systems and the impact of actions on those around them.Giving and receiving feedback: An understanding of the value of being open to giving and receiving feedback as one of the most powerful learning tools for leaders. Participants will practice the skill with each other in a very interactive session.Presentation skills: Being able to articulate messages, visions, strategies and concepts is a critical skill for leaders in contemporary society. Participants will be able to polish their presentation skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

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