Tuesday 3rd of September 2013
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There is a varied and impressive programme in place: from theatre groups and music technology training to a multi-lingual job brokerage agency and major works to the transport interchange.  The park from which the area takes its name is being restored to its former glory and reinstated as central place in the community's affairs. Distinctive artwork, commissioned by the programme, adorns walls and banners. The community safety achievements are extraordinary, successfully marshalling the resources of the police and the community to deal with seemingly intractable crime problems.  The methods used can be described as 'policing by respect'; policing based on an understanding of the social customs and habits of the population, without being afraid to enter into a dialogue regarding matters likely to be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

The Chief Executive ran a successful programme working with 30,000 residents, 1,500 businesses and 120 community groups in North London.  Straddling three boroughs, an area in which there is a huge transient population and 119 languages spoken, an imaginative and truly integrated approach has been adopted, to create a sustainable and inclusive community with a clear identity.
This Partnership has succeeded in a place where every part of officialdom is split three ways.  In valuing what is important to the local community, and in recognising that this is a place in its own right, they have turned the area around.

The Deputy Prime Ministers Award for sustainable communities
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(Delivered by CEO of Urban Nexus)

I have known the principal associate of Urban Nexus for approximately six years through my involvement, as a director, with The Finsbury Park Business Forum.  By it's very nature, the Forum was a challenging 'political' animal requiring a leader with an array of complimentary skills.  Urban Nexus's understanding of the Forum was complete and commanding and despite it being a charity operating in the public sector, required significant business acumen more commonly associated with the private sector.  The calm and considered approach was respected by all and bridged the gap between the many disparate interests that fell within its umbrella.

As relatively large property owners, much of which is located in the Finsbury Park area, we often sought Urban Nexus's advice, which was always forthcoming and valued.  Much of this advice was as much about asking challenging questions, as it was providing the solutions, and their ability to quickly grasp facts and conceptualise them allowed us to quickly focus on the core issues.  I have nothing but a huge respect and admiration for Urban Nexus.

David Price
Managing Director
Business Design Centre Ltd
City Central Estates Ltd & City North Islington Ltd

MPCS have been pleased to work with the Principle Associate of Urban Nexus on a range of assignments over recent years. We commissioned Urban Nexus to work closely with key staff within BEM organisations in Southwark to prepare development strategies and fund-raising applications, carrying out research whilst paying attention to the local cultural sensitivities. This helped to break down barriers and deliver a robust programme to meet individual and group needs.  Urban Nexus's knowledge of the regeneration aspect of funding and the 'inside track' proved invaluable in advising groups about possibilities of future funds to ensure their sustainability.

We first worked with the Principle in Stratford, East London, amongst the most deprived communities of South East England.  Here he very successfully serviced local community groups and business organisations in building their capacity to enable them to engage effectively with the Council and other public service agencies and to respond to the social and economic needs of their respective communities.
Mark Patchett
Managing Director

I have worked with Urban Nexus on a couple of occasions. The first occasion was to support the Surestart Programme to develop a funding application appraisal process.  The second occasion was to support my senior management team develop their skills in making applications for funding and improving their bid writing skills.  Urban Nexus was very skilful in supporting the staff involved in understanding the issues and realising what they needed to do as action plan to achieve the objective of the session.  Urban Nexus is always very well prepared, hugely knowledgeable of the issues and has a wealth of experience to share with others.
Kevin Hayes-Chief Executive
Enta People(entapeople.com)


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